Manja van de Worp


Manja van de Worp holds a Master of Architecture, and urban planning from the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where she graduated in both Structural Design and in Architecture. (See EDUCATION, below). Manja also holds a master of Science from the Architectural Association, in Emergent technologies and Design and has 8 years of professional experience in the Construction Industry focussing on Structure Geometry and Fabrication, timber design and Special projects. She has managed large-scale projects within the Uk and internationally.

The following is a selection of relevant project work:

  1. 122 LEADENHALL TOWER (London), Completed 2014 – Project Engineer, AT&R Arup. Architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners The 225 m tall Leadenhall tower, also known as the cheese grater, has a steel mega frame, that provides stability to the entire structure and is the worlds tallest of its kind. The ultra lightweight prefabricated floor system allows for a shallow floor and a lighter foundation. Due to footfall, all frames had to be individually designed and the connections developed and tested in collaboration with the contractor.
  2. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE (Laverstock Mill, Hampshire, United Kingdom), Completed 2014 – Project Engineer, AT&R Arup. Architect: Heatherwick Studio, London Two curved greenhouses for growing the ten botanical herbs and spices that Bombay Sapphire use to flavour their spirits, form the part of the renovated Laverstock Mill in Hampsire. The separate free-form glass structures provide both a humid environment for tropical spices, as well as a dry temperate glasshouse for Mediterranean plants. The design of the glass structure in conjunction with the construction sequence, proposes innovative use of silicon bonds between the panels.
  3. QATAR FACULTY OF ISLAMIC STUDIES (Doha, Qatar) Completion 2015 – Project Engineer. 35.000m2. Architect: Toyo Ito / MYAA, Qatar. The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies [QFIS], in Doha, undertakes pioneering work in the field of Islamic studies, the Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Islamic Society. The progressive agenda for QFIS led us to explore innovative building proposals based on historical Islamic precedents. Two large Minarettes, with the tallest of 65 meters and a curved steel roof creates the prayer line into the open Mosque space supported by concrete mushroom columns.
  4. KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Structural Engineer. Architect: Foster & Partners, London. Kuwait International Airport design is rooted in a sense of place, responsive to the climate of one ofthe hottest inhabited environments on earth and inspired by local forms and materials. The terminal has a trefoil plan, comprising three symmetrical wings of departure gates. Each façade spans 1.2 kilometres and all extend from a dramatic 25-metre-high central space. The building is planned under a single roof canopy, that extend to shade a generous entrance plaza and is supported by tapering concrete columns.
  5. LAS VEGAS WHEEL, HIGH ROLLER (Las Vegas, CA, USA), Completed 2014. The high roller is the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. It is 9 ft (2.7 m) taller than its predecessor, the 541-foot (165 m) Singapore Flyer, which held the record since it opened in 2008. The wheel rotates on a pair of custom-designed spherical roller bearings. The passenger cabins (or capsules) are mounted on the wheel’s outboard rim and are individually rotated by electric motors to smoothly maintain a horizontal cabin floor throughout each full rotation.
  6. NUS KINETIC FACADE(Singapore), Ongoing. Architect: Joseph Lim (Design development of kinetic screen for social housing.) Design of a retractable origami façade that forms an external shading device based on the Momotani folding pattern for social housing in Singapore.

Nous Engineering, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 2012–present.
Principal responsible for project management, client management, marketing and project development.

  • Ruins Studio, Lily Jencks & Nathaneal Dorent, private house Scotland, 2013 – Ongoing (100 m2)
  • - LASSA Architects – Why Architects: PIRE Brussels Nursery
  • - Bureau de Change., Façade London
  • - LASSA Architects, Villa ypsilon, Finikounda, Greece, 2014, 100 m2 - concrete shell
  • - Ordinary Studio, Modular Steel roof structure, Cambridge Heath station - ongoing ( 50- m2) Modulare steel roof kit of part structure.
  • - Gormley studio: Polycell, MIT, USA
  • - RoboFold / Simmonds Studio – Hounslow, London – Folded leaf canopy. 150 m2
  • - CBD towers / two towers in China – Urban Systems, London, 2013 – ongoing (105,000 m2)
  • - Necklace – Brick façade - B-de-C, May 2012 – ongoing (150m2)
  • - Bird flock sculpture, 5 * 15 M, Surrey Canada - Studio Roso, 2014
  • - PULSATE, cds tile shop primrose hill – Lily Jencks / N. Dorent 2013, 50 m2
  • - Bloom a crowd sourced garden, benches / installation for London Olympics – A. Andrasek & J. Sanchez

ARUP AT&R (Advanced Geometry and Research)2010-2012
Design engineer responsible for management of project finances, resourcing and execution, engineering analysis, client management and business development.

  • - Manta - Heatherwick Studio, completed in 2010 - 2014 Engineering a structural glasshouse
  • - Leadenhall tower London, Richard Rogers, 2006 - 2014
  • - NUS kinetic Façade. 2010 Design of a retractable origami façade that forms an external shading device based on the Momotani folding pattern.
  • - Las Vegas Wheel- 2009 -ongoing Structural and Mechanical design of bi-parting doors
  • - Kuwait Airport 2009 - ongoing - Foster and Partners design and fabrication techniques for concrete umbrella shells spanning 120 m.

ARUP AGU (Advanced Geometry and Research)2007-2010
Design engineer responsible for management of project finances, resourcing and execution, engineering analysis, client management and business development.

  • - Bodrum Villa’s, Foster & Partners
  • - Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies : (Toyo Ito / MYAA). MYAA Qfis
  • - Wenduine bridge: (West 8) -Timber bridge: Interwoven timber trusses
  • - west8 - pedestrian bridge wenduine
  • - Research in: State of the Art Digital Fabrication (Arup) Lectures at ETH Zurich, Zaha Hadid, Future Systems.


  • - Master of Science: Building Engineering
    Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 1999 - 2006
    Completed study in two mayors, both Structural Engineering and Architecture.
    Concentrations: Technical Mechanics, High Rise structures, Lightweight structures, Prefabricated concrete, Pre-stressed concrete Material specialisation; Aluminium, Concrete, Wood, Steel
  • - Master of Science: Postgraduate course Emergent Technologies and Design
    MSc Architectural Association School of Archictecture, London. Sept 2006 - Oct 2008
    Subjects: Emergence, Biomimetics, Parametric modelling (GC), Scripting (basics), Form Finding (negative pressure)
    Graduation Project: 'Continuous equilibrium' Design of a system that can reconfigurate into multiple stable states. Build projects (2007); AA_Component Canopy (membrane structure), Timber Shelter Chile Patagonia


  • - In addition to professional practice, Manja maintains involvement in academic research. Since 2007 she has held an adjunct faculty position at the Architectural Association. Since 2010 she also hold a permanent position at the Bartlett UCL, London and at the Institute for Advanced Architecture, Cataluna, Barcelona, Spain. Next to that Manja teaches international workshops to Engineers, Architects and Fashion Designers.
  • - Architectural Association School of Architecture, London.
    Sept 2007 – present
    Technical Studies. First and third year students as part of their project work Diploma Course 2012 - present
    Translate; bridging technology and architecture.
  • - IAAC Institute for Advanced Architecture Cataluna, Barcelona 2012 - present
    Surface Active Structures using Karamba plugin for Rhino maa2013-2014-experimental-structures/
  • - UCL Bartlett, London
    Design realization. London 2012 - 2015
    Teaching technical design skills Diploma Unit 19
  • - RIBA roadshow: Design through production


  • Fiori Salone, Milan – Unfold - 2015
    NUTD, Singapore – Modern chairs & structural transformations - 2015
    Rome, Translate, vector surface network - 2014
    New York, AA visting school, Embedded behaviour, Mode Lab - 2014
    Comas College, Tel Aviv, Enigma, 3D puzzle - 2012
    Comas College, Tel Aviv, Chair with behaviour - 2011
    Manufacturing Simplexities, flexibility; designing geometries with flexible moulds
    Iran, Tehran, Visiting School, AA London