Matthew Melnyk


Matthew Melnyk holds a Master of Science from UC Berkeley (See EDUCATION, below) and has 15 years of professional experience in the construction industry, focusing on long-span structures for cultural and sports projects, structural dynamics and special structures. He has managed many large-scale projects within the US and internationally.

Membership in Professional Society | American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

The following is a selection of relevant project work:

  1. BUTARO HOSPITAL (Butaro, Rwanda), Completed 2013 – Project Principal. This remote medical facility is located in the mountainous Norther region of Rwanda. Nous provided a seismic assessment and retrofit of the existing long-span steel truss roof.
  2. CITY OF HOPE MUSEUM AND CULTURE CENTER (Duarte, CA, USA), Completed 2015 – Project Principal. Located in the center of the City of Hope Medical Center, this museum and culture center will showcase many of the medial advancements and scientific breakthroughs in the last 50 years. The project required a great degree of coordination to achieve museum quality finished. A key feature is a sculptural concrete screen wall element which was achieved with a limited budget.
  3. BEIJING NATIONAL HOTEL (Beijing, China) Ongoing – Project Principal. Located near the Beijing National Airport,this hotel and conference center will be the largest of its kind in Beijing with 1,600 rooms, two l ecture hallsand conference hall. Nous provided Schematic Design for both the core and shell and facade components for preliminary pricing and presented our work to the Ministry of Infrastructure in Beijing.
  4. RPI-EXPERIMENTAL MEDIA AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (Troy, NY) Completed 2007 – Engineer. Thisperforming arts center features a 2000 seat performance hall, black-box theaters, dance studio and classroom facilities for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York. Matthew worked on the seismic analysis and design of the performance hall structure, long-span roof trusses and cantilever steel trusses supporting the front “nose” of the hall.
  5. BRIAN LARA CRICKET ACADEMY (Trinidad, West Indies) Completed 2007 - Project Manager. This 15,000 seat open-air stadium features a series of nested and folded shade canopies soaring about the seating bowl. The engineering had to overcome soft clay soils, 150mph wind loads and high seismic loading. The ornate steel roof was designed for Type V Hurricane wind loading and pedestrian induced dynamic behavior was simulated to optimize the steel framing for the cantilever seating bowl.
  6. OVAL LINGOTTO (Turin, Italy) Completed 2006 – Lead Engineer. Built for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, this arena featured a 100m steel roof span. The Oval won the 2007 Gold IOC/IAKS AWARD, which is the only international architecture prize for sports and leisure facilities already in operation. Matthew worked on the seismic analysis and design of the performance hall structure, long-span roof trusses and cantilever steel trusses supporting the front “nose” of the hall.

Nous Engineering, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 2010–present.
Principal responsible for project management, client management, marketing and project development.

  • - City of Hope Museum and Culture Center. Duarte, California. Completed 2014. Project Principal 7,000 SF, Cultural
  • - Beijing National Hotel. Beijing, China. 2010. Project Principal 40,000 sq m, Hospitality/Mixed Use
  • - Royalton Development. Beverly Hills, CA, USA. 2012. Project principal 600,000 SF, Residential Development/Infrastructure
  • - Delfina Foundation Expansion. London, UK. Completed 2014. Project Principal 4,500SF, Resdential/Mixed Use
  • - Sciarc Graduation Pavilion. Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2010 Project Principal 3500 SF, Academic
  • - 9-MUNS Training Facility. Yuba County, CA, USA. 2011-present Project Principal 10,000 SF, Mixed Use/Redevelopment
  • - Wonderland Development. Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2011-present Project Principal 10,000 SF, Residential/Infrastructure
  • - Coachella Pavilion. Coachella, CA, USA, 2010 Project Principal 5,000 SF, Cultural

Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, Inc (Los Angeles, CA, USA) 2006-2010
Associate responsible for management of project finances, resourcing and execution, engineering analysis, client management and business development.

  • - DOHA International Aiport, Doha, Qatar, UAE. 2009-2010 Project Manager 2Mil SF, Transportation
  • - Sequerios Mural Canopy, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2008-2010 Project Manager 3,000SF, Cultural
  • - Indian Paintbrush Commercial Building, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2008-2010 Project Manager 15,000SF, commercial rehabilitation
  • - Hermosa Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA Project Manager 50,000 SF, comercial/mixed use
  • - Al Taj Mall, Anman, Jordan. 2006 Project Manager 500,000 SF, commerical/mixed use
  • - Nashville Sounds Stadium, Nashville, TN, USA. 2007 Project Manager 10,000 seat stadium
  • - Dragonfl y Exhibit, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2007 Project Manager art installation
  • - Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Port of Spain, Trinidad. 2004-2007 Project Manager 15,000 seat stadium
  • - Textile Mill Commercial Building, Mumbai. India. 2007 Project Manager 100,000 SF, Commercial

Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, PC (New York) 2002 - 2006
Project Engineer II responsible for engineering analysis and design

  • - RPI-EMPAC, Troy, NY, USA
  • - Bronx Charter School for the Arts, Bronx, NY, USA Lead Engineer 15,000 SF, Institutional
  • - Raab-Millison Residence, New York, NY, USA Lead Engineer 2,000 SF, Residential Rehabilitation
  • - Smithsonian Patent Office Building, Washington DC, USA Project Engineer 15,000 SF, Cultural.
  • - Dome Leisure Facility, London, UK Lead Engineer 25,000 SF, Leisure
  • - Ascot Racecourse, London, UK proj. Engineer 100,000SF, Cultural
  • - Dubai Autodrome, London, UK Lead Engineer 50,000SF, Sports Facility
  • - Raab-Millison Residence, New York, NY, USA Lead Engineer 2,000 SF, Residential Rehabilitation
  • - Turin Palasport, Turin, Italy Lead Engineer 200,000 SF, Stadium

Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers (New York, NY, USA) 1999 -2002
Graduate Engineer responsible for analysis and engineering design

  • - Goldman Sacks University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 2001-2003
  • - PNC Park, Jersey City, NJ, USA. 1999-2001
  • - Virginia Tech Stadium Expansion, Blacksburg, VA, USA. 1999-2001

Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District (New York, NY, USA) 1999 -2002
Engineering Intern responsible for construction administration and bridge inspection

  • - Golden Gate Bridge Retrofit, San Francisco, CA, USA


  • - Master of Science in Structural Engineering and Mechanics of Materials
    University of California at Berkeley, 2002
    Concentrations: Seismic Engineering and Non-linear Analysis of Structures, Structural Dynamics and Pedestrian Induced Vibration, Advanced Mechanics of Materials, Risk Analysis and Performance Optimization
  • - Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    University of California at Berkeley, 1999


  • - Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 2006 - present
    Applied Studies Faculty and Structural Studio Consultant
  • - Cal Poly School of Architecture, San Louis Obispo, CA, USA. 2007 - 2008
    Structural Studio Consultant
  • - Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, New York, NY, USA. 2006 - 2007
    Advanced Structural Seminar
  • - Stevens Institute Product Design Architecture, Hoboken, NY, USA. 2006
    Structural Seminar and Thesis Advisor
  • - Pratt School of Architecture, Brooklyn, NY, USA. 2005
    Graduate Studio Consultant